Building Communities and Promoting Accountability

The Kenya Oil and Gas Working Group has been receiving financial and technical support from WWF Kenya and WWF since 2009 to undertake its advocacy mandate.

In May 2011, KOGWG through CANCO implemented the first project titled  'Effective community engagement advocating for the environment and people's socio economic well being in selected oil and gas areas' The goal of the project was 'A civil society constructively engaging and supporting responsible development processes and better governance of the emerging oil and gas exploration and production sector in Lamu, Tana Delta and Malindi'

In April to December 2012, the Project implemented was titled 'Enhancing knowledge and networking capacity of local communities advocating for high environmental performance in oil and gas development within Lamu Basin.' The goal of the project was 'To ensure that the local communities and their respective community groups have enhanced knowledge on oil and gas development and are effectively networking and in dialogue to improve environmental performance of the oil and gas sector within Lamu Basin'

From 1st November 2012-31st December 2012, the project implemented was titled: 'Towards enhancing greater transparency, accountability and good governance in the oil and gas development (exploration and production) in Kenya'

From April 2013-November 2013 KOGWG through CANCO was able to implement a project titled 'Promoting and broadening grassroot alliance-building for effective community engagement and participation advancing open governance (policy and practice) in Oil and Gas Development. The goal was 'To ensure broad cohesive, strengthened, and coherent community voices and civil society platform and alliances on oil and gas promoting open governance and transparent and accountable management in the sector development.'

Currently, KOGWG through CANCO is implementing a project titled 'To improve governance and awareness in petroleum sector in the oil exploration and development and infrastructure sites in Kenya'. This is a 3 year project running from 2016 to 2018 through the Oil for Development program which is part of the larger program being implemented by WWF Kenya titled; 'Limiting negative impacts of Oil and Gas Development on Nature, People and Climate in Kenya through civil society engagement and advocacy by ensuring that the natural environment qualities and ecosystems are maintained healthy, robust and productive'.